Day 21: Girls' Night In

As today's evening activity, we have decided to have a boys' night out, girls' night in. Kate J and I went to the Linden Centre and prepared some movies (as well as nail polish) for this event. The boys' plan was to go out camping for the night. 

Girls' night in began at 7:00- right after dinner. We've decided between 2 movies: All About Steve and Life As We Know It. Most of us chose All About Steve since we wanted a "Chick Flick" for the night. Half way throughout the movie, we heard noises from downstairs. We looked down at the courtyard: the boys were back. According to Mr. T, the tides were too high for the guys to be out camping. The girls were disappointed that the guys were back, since we knew that they would be ridiculously loud and they could spoil our girls' night in. We continued on with the movie: I didn't find it as entertaining as most girls have, so I've decided to do other people's nails. Putting nail polish on others while watching a movie was pretty challenging. A lot of people wanted their nails done, which I was happy to accomplish for them. I was surprised that the guys didn't interrupt us: I could hardly hear them around. I think the boys were disappointed that they couldn't have their guys' night out. I think today was a very fun day and I'm glad I've spent it with the Microcampus crew. 

Hello! I'm a 14 year old eighth grader. I'm from Korea, and it is my 7th year in Shanghai. I was very excited to be a part of the September-October Microcampus trip. XiZhou is a peaceful, bright, and unique town with friendly locals and wonderful scenery, not to mention the night skies, stars and fresh air. This town offered me self-confidence, and let me try something different for a month. I wish luck (and lots of fun) to the next group who will be part of this remarkable journey!