Day 21 : Filming our Service Learning Partner

I can't even believe that we only have one more week of Microcampus! I was looking back at my earlier journals today and I saw one of my journal post title," First Week of MC!". I am telling myself right now to stay on task and make sure to finish all my work on time in order to make the most of the opportunity.

In the afternoon I worked on my Inquiry Project, and I was as tired as hell as it was the first day of making our final product. I managed to finish the script and the written introduction and wrote a plan for the following few days in order for me to finish it on time. 

While having a break between our tiresome but fun final product video, Ana M. and I went to make hot chocolate. Her packet was rich chocolate while mine was dark chocolate. I plan on saving the best ones, "premium hot chocolate with marshmallows" on the last 2 days of Microcampus. Hot chocolate was delicious, especially when you have the whole packet of it while cloud watching. Unfortunately, Ana spilled milk all over the counter and the microwave and had to open another packet of milk. ( VERY unlucky)

After having dinner, Julia, Saleem, and I went to our friendly Service Learning Partner, Zhou Nai Nai's house to film. We started off by her praying for all of us, and it was a miracle that she was Christian since Christianity is not a popular religion in Xizhou. Zhou Nai Nai was the probably the perfect partner because when we asked her a question, she would really think about it and give as thoughtful answers. When it was time for us to leave, Zhou Nai Nai stuffed our hands with delicious fruits; oranges, apples, and even walnuts.

Hey guys! My name is Hayley and I am now an alumni of the 21-st Ultimate Group. I enjoy playing volleyball, making Youtube Videos and cooking in my free time. My journey at Microcampus has been amazing and through the up's and down's, I learned so much about my inquiry project, the village, the citizens and most of all, myself. I will never forget my home away from home, Xizhou with its delicious food, blue skies, stars and kind locals. 喜州,我想你!