Day 20: Officially Getting Started on Service Learning

In my Day 15 journal, I wrote about finding a starting service learning partner. However, it turns out that Mr. Ming was not available to do service learning with us every day. Therefore, we decided to talk to Yang Nai Nai, who's daughter-in-law is one of my local contacts, Mrs. Zhang. She is 80 years old, and is a great grandmother! Vincent, Jackie, Charissa, and I had lots of fun talking to her. Since she only speaks the Bai dialect, Mrs. Zhang helped us translate (see picture). She had some really interesting points to tell us about her life here in Xizhou. I am super happy to say that she agreed to be our service learning partner, and I am really excited to begin working with her tomorrow. 


Yang Nai Nai

I am sure she has so much wisdom to share. I love talking to older people, it is so comforting to hear what they have to say and to learn from them. I think it is interesting that she only speaks Bai. I am  curious to hear what she has to share with you. Keep up the good work. Love Mom

Hello! My name is Annelise, and I'm currently a high schooler at SAS Puxi. I'm from California, but have lived in Shanghai for over 10 years. I took part in the Microcampus program in September-October 2015 in Xizhou, China. I gained so much from experiencing the simplicity, the people, and beauty of the village. For my inquiry project, I chose to study child rearing practices in Xizhou. The connections I made, people I met, and lessons I learned in Xizhou will never be forgotten. I welcome you to follow my learning journey to see how my ideas progressed over the course of the month!