Day 20: Looking Up and Wondering

Today is December 7. Yesterday when we got back from our evening programming we looked up at the stars and just wonder. The sky was lit up with many beautiful stars. Mr. Tafel pointed out the andromeda galaxy and the great square of Pegasus. Last night was a great night and it was really awesome to see a shooting star before going to bed. Today we got to make our own WIPPIS time schedules. I started off with wellness then inquiry project, pitching in and finished with still time. For my inquiry project, I worked on my final Phase. For pitching in I went out to Bao Cheng Fu to record our daily video shout-out for day 20. Today was also the last day for SAS essentials. I finished all my work in time, but many students did not so we have to miss out on our evening activity tonight and it will be postponed until next week. Today was a very fun day, but time is going by really fast and we are going to be working even harder then the first couple weeks.



My name is Saleem E. I am 13 years old and my favorite sport is soccer. I am currently in Xizhou and the weather is very good. My inquiry project is woodcarving, legends/stories and myths, and religious studies. We have already learned so much during our trip. I am very happy to learn so much about the culture in Xizhou.