Day 20: Horse Cart

Our evening activity tonight was a horse cart ride to the tounge of lake er-hai. We walked down to Sifang-Jie, while we waited for the drivers to get there. Some people stayed behind, but the rest of us went on the ride. It was 6:30 when they arrived, and we had already been seperated into groups. I was with Cynthia, Diego, and a few other peole. We climbed in, Diego and I in the back. The cart was tipped far back, it seemed like we could fall off at any moment. The others got in the front, we waited for some of the people who were late, then off we went. We started off at a slow pace, it was bumpy. People looked at us as we trotted down the street. We looked like complete tourists. 

We started going a bit faster, and then onto a smoother road. We were chatting up a storm. Talking about how lucky we were. It was just about sunset time, so we got to see the sun set over the mountains. There were many beautiful colours. We looked back at the cart behind us and realized how closes they were. The horses nose, was just about to hit the back of our cart. The roads were bumpy, but we barely noticed because of how beautiful our surroundings were. 


I am 13 years old and I am from Ballarat Australia, in Victoria. I have lived here in Shanghai for the past 10 years, and I am almost fluent in Chinese. My hobby is writing monologues and preforming them, I love to act, and hope to one day make a living out of Acting and Singing. I have arrived in Xizhou, and I am super exited. We are in the village and have been around, and it looks like it will be a place I will enjoy and remember forever. My Inquiry Project is about Education in Xizhou, where I will be studying perspectives on education, and also the Education System.