Day 20: Hardest Part of Service Learning

Hey my name is Shirley, I am a student from SAS Pudong. I used to live in Minnesota, USA, then moved to Suzhou, China, and finally to Shanghai. I am Chinese American, with black hair, brown eyes, at the age of 13. I like to make any kind of arts and crafts, be crazy with my BFFs, and read fanfiction. I also play piano as a hobby. I may seem quiet at first, but if you get to know me really really well I start to talk a lot. I am a survivor of the Fearless Microcampus group! I am glad that I experienced this trip, because I grew a lot as a person, and I learned a lot of life lessons as well. I hope the groups coming later will enjoy this experience as much as I did, and that they will be nice to Mr. T and Ms. Mai! Now, I shall have fun being an Alumni.

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