Day 20: Green Energy in the Village

The main source of green energy within the village is mainly solar panels. Solar panels are found all around the village, such as in farms, on top of our living quarters, and on the street in general. An example of green energy is windmills that you will find on the mountains. These windmills provide electricity that is distributed in around town by wires. While going to laundry there is a very clear example of green energy. At the front of the alley way there is windmill that has a solar panel on it. I think that they use this so that they can receive energy by the wind from the windmill and the sun energy from the solar panel. 

When it comes to recycling there XiZhou is on top of things. Everywhere that you see a trash can you will see that it is split into two groups. Trash and recyclable. In of people not seeing those evident signs of what goes where there are sometimes also kind old ladies who stand there to collect the recyclable bottles. We also have a recycling tub in YJR. By my observations it is probably 3 times the size of a regular trash can and it is very hard to miss.

My name is Aniketh. I am a 12-year-old eight grade student from SASPD, and this is my second year living in Shanghai. I have one little brother named Abhinav who is currently going to 3rd grade. My first year of living in Shanghai has been very exciting, because I have been given many more opportunities to learn and improve my skills as a student and as a person. I have already learnt more about the Chinese culture and heritage. A little bit about myself, I am very interested in sports and in education. I play soccer, football, and street hockey. When it comes to education I am very interested in politics and what goes on around the world, therefore I am currently apart of MUN. I am also interested in Music, I play the violin in the Intermezzo orchestra. I am very happy to have gone to XiZhou and experience the Microcampus program. I hope that future Microcampus groups will enjoy this village just as much as we all did.