Day 20: First Day of Final Product

Over the last 2 days, we have completed both Phase 3 and 4. But we are not done yet; we still have our final product we need to finish before next Sunday. So far, I have been off to a great start on my final product and I can tell because I made solid writing on my introduction and followed instructions carefully too. I have heard that over the next week it is going to be the most pressuring week during Microcampus due to another project coming up. But our teacher also said that they have eliminated 75% of the stress compared to the last Microcampus group, which is a good thing. I will continue to do my best during this week and I will finish off strong as strong as when I first came here to Xizhou!

Hello everyone! I am currently 14 years old and I was born in New Jersey, United states of America. I lived my first year of my life in New Jersey before I moved and lived at Shanghai ever since. Because I finished my required phases, (Hooray!) I am now at a wonderful place in China called Xizhou.