Day 20: Dali Old Town

Today is December 7 and day 20 of Microcampus, yesterday I was picked with three other students that have joined us on the Microcampus trip to go on one of the two trips to go to Dali Old Town. This was the same day that we need to finish all of our Phase 4 work. This was very well deserved due to all of the hard work that was put into this process to make sure that I got all of my work finished. 

When we got to Dali Old Town by car I could see why only the four of us were going. As Mr, Tafel has said, this is a place where eighth grade Microcampus students lose there mind. There were small trinkety shops that could easily get anyone distracted and restaurants that served American food. Mr. T showed us the roads that made up the town and bid us farewell for the next two hours. The first thing that we decided to do was eat. We went to the most recommended spot, Stella's Pizza. When we entered the shop and looked at the menu I was amazed that it was translated into English and in Chinese. The two girls shared one pizza and me and the other boy shared two pizzas. When the food came we all dug in, it was amazing. The first pizza was the best, Mushrooms, Mozzarella, beef, and union. The second one was delicious too, tomato, chilly flakes, peppers, and cheese. When our bellies were all full we paid and left. We started roaming the streets, we would pop our heads into any shop that interested one of the group members. As we walked and our time decreased, we went to McDonald's for ice cream. When we ordered and left, we started to head back up to the meeting spot. When we got there we had some time to kill so we went in most of the stores that were closest to the meeting spot. When Mr. Tafel came to meet us we got in the home and rested on the way back from our tiresome day.  


Wow-Day 20!

We are getting there Buddy!

We have been without VPN for a few days, so I am having a lot of catching up to do. I am so sorry! I decided to reply to your most recent journal first, but excited to go back and fill in the gaps.

I can't believe how focused you have been and all the progress you have made. So proud of you Mikey! I have to go back and read a few journals, but this one is by far your best. So descriptive and you know I love a good use of the word to, too, two :)

Love you,


I had been lucky enough to be able to join the Ultimate group with eight others to go down to the village of Xizhou. I had been able to grow through this experience and learn about my inquiry project and even about myself. I have made bonds and friends with the students on my trip and also the community of Xizhou.