Day 20: Chill Day

Hey guys, thanks for all the support yesterday! I am feeling a lot better now. :) Water and lots of sleep is the best cure.

So anyways, today I felt pretty productive. During WIPPI time, T and I walked to Dr. Zhao's TCM shop/pharmacy. There, Dr. Zhao answered most of my questions and I had a nice conversation with him about TCM and life. He also introduced me to his 94 year old friend, also called Dr. Zhao. I was amazed at how lucid 94 year old Dr. Zhao was. He is a very interesting man, being able to recall events dating 85 years ago and remembering nearly perfectly about what happened. I think he would make a very wondrous Service Learning partner.

After, T and I were walking through the market, back to YZR, and we saw a newly opened ice cream shop!! :D T tried an orange flavored ice slushee (?) and he said it was delicious. I have to go back there and try it out. Speaking of trying food out, I cannot wait to go back to Dali OldTown. That place is one of my favorite destinations here in Xizhou (even though Dali OldTown is in Dali...). Before the end of this trip, I hope to have tasted every single flavor of cake in The Sweet Tooth. I am currently thinking of possible ways to bring some of that cake has to be able to survive a 6 hour bus ride, and a 3 hour plane ride... Also, I would most definetely return to the Bad Monkey. They have really good burgers there...


What a great day that you've

What a great day that you've been learning a lot of interesting stuffs. I'm happy that you get well quickly, Peyton. Can't help smiling about your thoughts of sweet cakes and your favourite food from Dali Old Town. That's a big plan and it's just sweet like you.

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