Day 20: Badminton and Marshmallows

During the last 20 days, I learned a lot about my inquiry project, but I did not only learn those. I also learned to play badminton. Vicky first helped me to play, and I got better and better. It was very fun. Now I am planning to do my 20minutes in zone by playing badminton.

This is really not relating to badminton, but I also got two great friends: Xiao Tang and Amy. Today, I was not feeling so well, and Xiao Tang helped me communicate with the kitchen ladies to get rice porridge. The kitchen ladies were really nice to me, too. They worried us when we went to the Hua Dian Ba hike on a rainy day. Xiao Tang is a really good friend. Amy is a friend of Xiao Tang, who comes and help Xiao Tang with her work. I visited the aqueducts and wastewater treatment centre with Amy. She really knew a lot of things. Once I asked her where I can buy marshmallows because I wanted to get some for the Hua Dian Ba hike. Unfortunately, I could not find any supermarket with marshmallow. Just few minutes ago, Amy came all the way to the Yang Zuo Ran gate to give me marshmallows. It was very nice of her to remember that and come all the way here at night to give it to me. She is also a really good friend. I am going to miss them a lot when I go back to Shanghai.


Aww... they are such nice

Aww... they are such nice people! Marshmallows and all!
Spring Break as started, and currently I'm not in Shanghai, but all of us miss you! Last time, Hm was nagging me about missing you guys. :D Typical Hm.


Okay, I need to leave. Enjoy the last few days of your trip Sujin! Can't wait to see you when you get back

정말 고마웠겠다.  그래서 마쉬맬로는  맛있게 먹었니

정말 고마웠겠다.  그래서 마쉬맬로는  맛있게 먹었니?  고맙게도 어디서 그걸 사다주었나보다.  에고 우리 수진이 이젠 정말 좀 힘든 모양이네.  네 글 읽고 있자니 보인다 보여. 그래도 주위 사람들과 아주 잘 지내고 있는 거 같아 마음이 좋네. 하기야 우리 수진이는 어딜가도 누구든지 좋아하는 아이이니까.... 그치?  프로젝트 외에도 많은 것을 배우고 있다니 정말 다행이다.  날씨만 좀 도와주면 좋으련만... 참 속은 좀 괜찮아?  먹는 것 좀 조심하고... 몸 따뜻하게 하고... 구할 수 있음 따뜻한 물 마시고,,,하루빨리 자수진이 보고 싶네.  수진이 먹고 싶은 거 잘 생각해 놓았다가 오기 전날 엄마한테 알려줘. 엄마가 수진이 오는 날 맞춰 준비할께.  수진이 오는 날만 기다리며...   엄마가

Hi. My name is Sujin. I am currently a Microcampus Alumni. :) I miss Xizhou a lot. I really had a great time there and it has been a month that I will never forget for rest of my life. I really hope and want to go to Xizhou again.