Day 2: A Whole New World

Day two, okay let me see... This may have been one of the most tiring days of my life. Mostly my ears are tired from listening all day, but my legs are pretty tired too. After a long shower, filled with the noise of my room-mates telling me to get out, we had a great breakfast, where I tried er-si. Er-si, was very good, I god spicy with meat, it was a dense rice noodle with soup and a little bit of yummy cabbage. There was also pancakes, bread, carrot cake, apples, and more. Then the was a quick orientation of the house. Classrooms one and two, kitchen, dinning room, toilets, library, and one of the most beautiful terraces, that leads into a music room. Then we unpacked, me and my roomies, are defiantly the loudest at that. We kept on telling ourselves, "We will keep this clean and tidy the whole month, we are not going to mess up the system," but of course in the back of our minds, "This is not going to last more than three days".  After cleaning our rooms, we left for a tour around the village. Xizhou surprised me as a very big place. Mr T took us all around, to the Happy Embroidery shop, and to the market. The market was especially fun, I talked to many locals about what they were selling, how fresh it was, and sometimes, even what it was! The 7th grade Fresh Market unit really helped there. Around the start of the market, there was this really wonderful family, running a rice factory. They were making lots of noodles and nian gao. They had a perfect system, only to be flawed by us looking over their shoulders. Everyone had their part. One woman was separating the rice with something that looked like a rake. She was also cooking the rice in big boilers. The next woman was taking that rice, and grinding it a thousand times over. Again and again. Another As we came to an end of the market tour, we stopped and talked for a bit, then headed on down the streets. The next woman was right beside her, molding or folding the squished rice, making it so the next man could put it through the roller. Flattening it to either make strips that look like a blankets for the noodles, or molding it into a cake for nian gao.They had this system going, and they never stopped for a break. It was so fluid, they looked as it they had been doing this their whole lives. Which the probably have been. Our next stop was a noodle factory next door to a duna cover workshop. Two men at the shop were working. They each had their part, and they both knew exactly what we were supposed to do. There was wellness, and inquiry work, but my favourite part was the end of the day. We walked over to the Linden Centre and stood on the terrace and just watched the world go by. I realized that the world goes by so slowly, and the only reason we think it goes by so fast is because we are always busy. If we just stop and take a look, we would appreciate it so much more, and recognize how amazing the world around us is.



Clean your room!!!

Ha! Looking at the room you left behind in Shanghai... I can only imagine how your room looks down there! Get on it Han!!!

House here is not the same without you, but we will manage... Have a great day today, hopefully you will get less tired.

Enjoy breathing all that fresh air, looking at that blue sky and tasting all the delicious new foods.

Love Mum

Day 2 soooo tired

Poor thing it must have been such a great start to the day having such a delicious breakfast. The fascination for me was reading about the people working so hard, probably for very small remuneration. Well done with your descriptions. Nanna Gay xx

I am 13 years old and I am from Ballarat Australia, in Victoria. I have lived here in Shanghai for the past 10 years, and I am almost fluent in Chinese. My hobby is writing monologues and preforming them, I love to act, and hope to one day make a living out of Acting and Singing. I have arrived in Xizhou, and I am super exited. We are in the village and have been around, and it looks like it will be a place I will enjoy and remember forever. My Inquiry Project is about Education in Xizhou, where I will be studying perspectives on education, and also the Education System.