Day 2: Orientation

Today was all about getting to know the procedure and how things worked here in Xizhou. We went on several tours, including one of the village. During the tour of the village, we had our first meal outside of YangZhuoRan. Not that the food at YangZhuoRan is not good; no, on the contrary, the food here is quite delicious. However, I was pretty excited about being able to travel from restaurant to restaurant with my service learning group, deciding on which eatery to dine at. 2 of us from our service learning group decided to try the special bean noodles that we found at a local vendor. This cold dish consisted of several different types of noodles: skinny, long ones; fat, chunky ones, and medium sized ones. We were also able to watch this dish being prepared. First, the lady cut off some chunks of the noodle from a huge slab of jelly-like object. She them proceeded to gather other sized and types of noodle from other slabs of objects and containers. Finally, she poured several sauces into the bowl. 

During down time, a partner and I decided to venture out to the village by ourselves and look for the garlic fields. We headed down to the road leading to the market, not knowing that it was the opposite direction of where we intended to go. We ended up walking in a huge circle, going back to where we started. However, after 30 minutes, we finally found the garlic fields; unfortunately, we only had about 5 minutes to appreciate the fields before we had to go back to YangShuoRan. Despite the fact that we got lost, this helped me to get to know the village better to prevent further straying.

My name is Katie, and I was 13 years old when I attended Microcampus. I was born in Virginia, but moved to Shanghai ever since I was one. Because of this, I consider myself as almost fluent in speaking in Chinese. I enjoy reading fiction, playing sports, listening to music, and travelling. Microcampus was truly an unique experience. I would definitely do it all over again if I could.