Day 2: The Introductory Introduction

Day 2! The Groundbreakers have (quite naturally) alredy begun to fall head over heels in love with absolutely everything Xizhou, from the lovely Linden Centre to Mr. Yang's Golden Flower Restaurant. We began the day with a scrumptious Linden Centre breakfast and some settling in (unpacking). Then, all sixteen of us promenaded around Xizhou, stopping once in a while for one of T's scintillating lectures (boring albeit filled with priceless wisdom). At lunch, Erica, Orion, and I ate at Mr. Yang's famous Golden Flower restaurant and wolfed down the prominent Tai Fei fried rice (name after the one and only Craig Tafel) as well as an egg, tomato, spring onion dish that would make the best steak at the best five hotel on Earth taste like tar. Afterwards, we learned a little about "pitching in" and how to do laundry! The rest of the day was relaxing and fun, exploring the Linden Centre and playing miscellaneous music instruments. After another fantastic meal, we congregated on the terrace and enjoyed the gorgeous Xizhou sunset. 

That's all for today readers! Stay tuned for more adventures to come!


My name is Ryane and I am a fourteen year old student in SAS Puxi. My interest in Microcampus stemmed from a desire to participate in something outside of my sheltered metropolitan lifestyle where everything is done for me and I am painfully inexperienced. I have lived in Shanghai for eight years now but was born in Taipei, Taiwan to an English speaking family of six cousins and numerous relatives. I have left Xizhou and missing it most painfully, however, I am happy and excited for all future Microcampers and the amazing experience they will experience. Be good to T and Ms. Mai!