Day 2: First Day in Xizhou

First day actually in Xizhou! Today we were able to go around the actual village and visit a few places. We met a lot of Mr. Yang's and had lunch outside of Yang Zhuo Ran in the square. I think the highlight for my day today was the horse carriage ride. We got to go very close to the river and got to see parts of the village we couldn't see before. The person who took us there was also called Mr. Yang and his horse was called Apple. He was very friendly and nice to us. According to him, that day was the worst day he had experienced since he was a boy because it was very hazy. However if that was a day in Shanghai, it would have been considered a very nice sunny day instead of a very bad day. I was very surprised of the fact that the people there were very open and friendly to us. 


So did you ask how many Mr.

So did you ask how many Mr. Yang are living in the town?

As you may know it was the same in Korea long time ago - Your grandparents' home town was full of Mr and Ms Cheong!

Dad is in Seoul now and it was 4 degree below ZERO this morning - can't be true for 11 March...


Hey claraaaa! Last friday, you left without giving me a hug, and i'm missing u so muchhh! I hope you have fun on the trip and eat a lot of fresh healthy fooddd! I'll hug you lots when you come back. Miss me? XD jk jk well know that I miss you a lottt!

Hey I'm Clara. I'm an 8th Grader in Shanghai American School Puxi. I am Korean though I've lived in Korea for four years, the US for two, Singapore for six and Shanghai for about a year and a half. I love challenges and trying new things. I so excited about being in Xizhou.