Day 19: Sick :(

Today I felt horrible. In the morning I didn't feel so well, but I still got up and went to breakfast. At breakfast, I didn't eat as much as I usually do, which is a sign that says something is wrong. After breakfast, I decided to take a nap, I ended up sleeping for 2 hours or so. It was wondrous. Then I went to our daily meeting and I started to feel dizzy.

I ignored the dizziness and continued with my day. I went with Cass to two temples, and it was pretty cool learning about the Benzhu gods. However, the incense smell increased my dizziness. At this point, I felt like passing out. After, we had our two hour bike ride, and that just made me extremely dizzy and nauseous.

I was dizzy and nauseous to a point in which I couldn't ride my bike anymore. Once we got back, I instantly hopped onto my bed and fell asleep for 2 more hours.

So today, I have to say, I wasn't very productive, but then it's alright because tommorrow I will do a lot of work.


I hope you will feel better

I hope you will feel better soon. Being sick on such a cool trip is not a pleasant thing :( Enjoy the rest of the days at microcampus! Get well soon in the amazing air surrounding you :)

Hi I'm Peyton, and I was part of the B4 Microcampus group (March-April 2013). The Microcampus experience was really amazing and I was so glad that I was a part of the B4 Microcampus group. My Inquiry project wason Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please feel free to look at my blog posts anytime!