Day 19: Planning for the Final Product

Today was another day filled with hard work on my Inquiry project, general healthcare in Xizhou. During our Inquiry project time in the afternoon, everyone had to start and finish Phase 4. In Phase 4, we take all the research and information we gathered from multiple resources in Phase 3 and develop a plan for making a final product. For my final product, I will be making an iMovie about general healthcare in Xizhou. Honestly, I was quite nervous for today because Mr. Tafel had told us in advance that we would finish Phase 4 in one day. This seemed quite overwhelming and stressful for me because  I could barely imagine what it would be like to finish a Phase in only 1 day. Each of the beginning Phases for our Inquiry projects took a lot of time and effort to complete. Luckily, I got my Phase 4 done on time, but it took lots of concentration and devotion from me. I worked very hard and was in the academic 'training zone' for the 2 hours we had to complete Phase 4. I created an outline for my iMovie, which will include the best of the information I have gathered while in Xizhou. I balanced this hard work on the computer with some exercise. Unfortunately, it was raining, so I had to run around the  Linden Centre in attempt to get my heart rate into the training zone for the required 30 minutes. 


Hello everyone! I am currently 14 years old and I was born in New Jersey, United states of America. I lived my first year of my life in New Jersey before I moved and lived at Shanghai ever since. Because I finished my required phases, (Hooray!) I am now at a wonderful place in China called Xizhou.