Day 19: In with the Old and Out with the New

Today is day 19 of Microcampus! During WIPPIS time today, we had to start and complete Phase Four of our Inquiry Project. We only had 2 hours to do that, so it took lots and lots of focus to get it done in time. I was the first one finished, and even I finished a whole minute late. The highlight of my day is yet to come right at this moment. Tonight after the 5-4-5 meeting, Colin, Stella, Lexi, Imani and I are all going to Dali Old Town! Dali Old Town is a lot more dangerous than XiZhou so we have to be on our best behavior constantly. I am really excited to get some western food and Mint Pie from Sweet Tooth! Today has been a pretty good day so far and it is going to get even better. 

Hi everyone, my name is Claire. I am part of the Revival Microcampus group. I am originally from the United States, most recently Dallas,Texas, however this is my forth year living in China. My passions include soccer, volleyball, traveling and photography. Microcampus has been the experience of a lifetime. XiZhou is absolutely beautiful and the people are incredibly kind and welcoming. I loved all 28 days I spent in the village and wish there were so many more. Through my time in XiZhou, I learned so much about Chinese culture, my Inquiry Project topic, and myself. Microcampus was remarkable opportunity and I will cherish it forever.