Day 19: Final Project And Dali Old Town

Today was the last day for research on Phase 3. I have decided to focus on the tomb-stone carving for my final product. For the 3rd time, I have decided to visit the stone carver. In the morning at 8:00, I made my way to his workplace to take a glimpse of him carving a tomb-stone, but the shop was not open. I headed back home in disappointment, hoping I could see him carve in the afternoon. When I went back in the afternoon, Annaliese and Ms. Mai helped me translate my questions to him and asked him if it would be okay for me to study and learn how to paint and carve on a tombstone. He was more than glad to let me participate and do that, and we have planned on starting the sessions this Friday. I was so grateful and thankful that he was willing to give me a try, and also glad that I didn't have to change my plans. 

At 4:00, all 16 of us headed to Dali Old Town with a couple of more people. Annaliese decided to join us, and so did Bryce from the Linden family. We arrived at the West Gate on 3 seperate mini-vans, and had until 8 PM to do whatever we wanted. Since we were starving, Rory, Aneka and I decided to go eat some pizza and pasta. I haven't had those in ages, so the meal tasted amazing. After that, we ran to go get some popcorn. I have never had such amazing popcorn before- even the ones in Shanghai weren't good enough! We also headed towards Sweet Tooth- a bakery. We all got something to eat or drink. We also found Bryce there sitting alone, so we sat next to him and chatted on about all sorts of things. It was interesting to learn that Bryce is actually homeschooled and he lives here in XiZhou. He's also our age so it was interesting comparing our experiences and his. The 4 of us left Sweet Tooth and walked around for a bit until it was time to meet. We visited shops and stores to see what items we could buy, but we all ended up buying nothing much. Dali Old Town really made me miss Shanghai. In complete darkness, the streetlights made me feel like I was back at home. I cannot wait to get back!  

Hello! I'm a 14 year old eighth grader. I'm from Korea, and it is my 7th year in Shanghai. I was very excited to be a part of the September-October Microcampus trip. XiZhou is a peaceful, bright, and unique town with friendly locals and wonderful scenery, not to mention the night skies, stars and fresh air. This town offered me self-confidence, and let me try something different for a month. I wish luck (and lots of fun) to the next group who will be part of this remarkable journey!