Day 19: Better start eating Comfort food

So today during the daily meeting, Mr.T pointed out that however much comfort food I eat, however much space I have to put my souvenirs and bought items. I would think I better start eating my comfort food quick because if you have not seen the amount of tea I bought, it is a decent amount. There is a Dian Hong barrel of tea, a cake of tea, a brick of tea, a bag of green tea and a...ball of tea? Yeah, I think I am not going to be bringing the green tea back as it takes the most space. Also in the daily meeting, I have been told that there are only 8 people going to the Dali old town this week, and that is........ Not me. You would think that is a terrible thing, but first of all, it is not the last chance to go to Dali old town, and plus, I get to stay home, which is nice. Later, we did our Phase 4 work which gave me the inspiration to make my final product a funny one, which hopefully you will see by the end of this trip. My service learning group called our partner and we realized that he did not have time today, so now we are left with plenty of time to do whatever we want, which is not a good thing. Later, I went out for wellness with Anders, Brandt, and Sonia. the trip went great as my watch was not so nice and gave me 5 minutes of TZ, So I will just borrow it from Brandt. We also took many pictures along the way, and Sonia nearly got left behind because she was taking so many pictures even as we told her to hurry up. 

My name is Sunny, and I was a part of the Voyagers group in microcampus.I'm a gamer, artist, and love building stuff! I chose to join the Microcampus program because I want to become more independent and learn the lesser known cultures of China. The trip was amazing and I hope to come to Xizhou again.