Day 18: Settling In (Once Again)

Just like the beginning of Microcampus, we unpacked our things and settled back into our rooms. Breakfast tasted never so delicious, with the Ersi (Chinese rice noodles) and the banana muffins (that I adore SO MUCH).

Today, I visited the tomb-stone carver once again during WIPPIT time. We were able to observe him interacting with locals to customize the stones. There were also some people who came to recieve the completed and polished stones. i was surprised when he told us that all he needed was a carving machine, some brushes and black/ red paint. I've realized that to be able to do this he would need lots and lots of patience. The characters were written in local traditional Chinese, so the letters were unfamiliar. I've also learned that pure white marble was the best quality. The most expensive type of marble costs around 300-500. The cheapest is about 100. 

For dinner, we ate at Old Town Snacks. The fried rice tasted amazing since we haven't tasted them in a while. We also had some visitors today: Cass, from the B-4 group, Vicky, from the B-4 group, and the Linden family. It felt so pleasant to be back in our rooms once again. I felt disappointed when I've realized we only have 10 more days left here. Afterall, a month is not a long time for Microcampus when you're enjoying every single second of it! 

Hello! I'm a 14 year old eighth grader. I'm from Korea, and it is my 7th year in Shanghai. I was very excited to be a part of the September-October Microcampus trip. XiZhou is a peaceful, bright, and unique town with friendly locals and wonderful scenery, not to mention the night skies, stars and fresh air. This town offered me self-confidence, and let me try something different for a month. I wish luck (and lots of fun) to the next group who will be part of this remarkable journey!