Day 18: Really Freakish Coincidence

So I was scrolling through my comments for my Day 17 Journal when I came across a curious comment from someone from someone named Hayley S. from the Ultimate group. Please click on the link after you read this article.

Before I came to SAS, I went to a school called YKPao, and I left in 4th grade. I made many good friends there when I left, some of whom would continue to play a role in my life, among the Joshua, Ray Yien, Thomas, Charlie, and Jessie. A few of them came to SAS, and became my friends. Jamin, Stone, Nathaniel, Coltrane... Sam B. of the current Microcampus group was also an alumni of YKPao, although we have never met before he came to SAS.

Anyways, in YKPao, I remember this girl, Hey Yu S. who was in my class. I remember she was a shy, quiet, girl, and was pretty good at academics. I did not give much thought about her after I left YKPao, because I was struggling through the worst 4th grade experience ever, and it was then that I learned chess, started to improve in the violin, and tried to make friends.

A day before the Microcampus trip, I had visited Jamin's house again, and there was a huge picture of Jamin's class in YKPao. I remembered most of them, and Hey Yu was one of the small portraits. As Jamin told me about where each of them went and when they left, I still did not pay her much thought. After all, I was thinking about my good friends in YKPao, such as Ray Yien, Thomas, and my many other great friends!

Fast forward to today. Looking at the comments for my article, the pieces finally fell into place. Hey Yu had changed her name to Hayley, and transferred to SAS Pudong. She left with Mr. T on the Ultimate group, and now is back. To be honest, I was not the one who managed to connect the dots. When Hey Yu (Hayley) commented, Sam B. who remembered Hey Yu from YKPao, immediately commented on her comment. He mentioned that he was there in YKPao, and remembered Hayley. And it was then that the pieces finally fell into place.

I asked Sam B. about how he recognized Hey Yu. He replied that he recognized her profile picture. So the picture for this article is Hey Yu, and I bet that everyone who has came from YKPao (Stone, Jamin, Nathaniel, Coltrane)  would recognize the picture.


hi again

Hi Ethan,

I just saw your journal and I remember so much from my Ykpao elementary times. I still have contacts with the people from Ykpao and I actually saw Jamin and Austin a few months ago at SAS PD. And no, I did not skip a grade I just went on MC a few months before you did. Do you happen to know Zhou Nai Nai, the woman next to me in the picture above? She was my service learning partner and is the sweetest person ever. Add me on skype so we can talk more! Skype acc is- Hayley So.


“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask." Over the course of Microcampus, I have experienced the individual freedom that I have been grappling with ever since I have left Shanghai. Who am I? Why am I here? My Microcampus-era posts and thoughts would go to reveal my struggle against who I am, a struggle you will soon face in Microcampus. And now that I am back, I may have but a fragment of my answer.