Day 18: Going on a Walk in the Market

Hey guys! Today was a nice "regular" day. We had our daily meeting, WIPPI time, and our five o' clock touch base. Today, during WIPPI time, Peyton and I went on a walk to the market, so we could work on our science project (focused on the ecosystem in Xizhou). Peyton asked many medicine shops for people who studied traditional medicine nearby (her inquiry project topic is traditional medicine). She found the person that she was looking for, since a few weeks ago. The doctor's name was Mr. Zhao and Peyton got his phone number, so she was pretty happy. I was looking in the convenient stores, and I found a whole shelf that sold tea. There were many different kinds of tea. For example, there was Bi Luo Tea, Tie Guan Ying, Pu'er Tea, Green Tea, and Black Tea. I bought some Bi Luo Tea and I found a sticker on the bottom that had a sign with a capitol S inside of a capitol Q. That got me thinking that the tea had to come from some tea plantation to somewhere else, where the sticker was placed. When I got back, Mr. T told me that the sticker could be a sign that says that the product is clean. I can't wait to investigate about that! 


Teach me

It's cool to hear that you are learning so much about tea. Are you going to taste all of them so that you can identify the type of tea like a connoisseur? Hopefully, you can tell me all about what you learn.

Hi, I'm Ashley! I was part of the B4 Microcampus Group. Microcampus was such a great experience and I have grown closer to the other B4 members and local Xizhou citizens. I encourage all of the future Microcampus students to have a great time at Xizhou and cherish the time that you are there.