Day 18: Dr. Zhao

After many days of restless searching and asking around, I have finally found the mysterious and "supposedly dead" Dr. Zhao.

Ashley and I walked around the market, trying to find tea, Dr. Zhao, and plants and animals. I asked around at a local pharmacy and I found out where to find a TCM doctor called Dr. 付(Fu). Then I asked another local pharmacy for a Dr. Zhao, and they pointed me to where he was. Ashley and I walked for 100m or so, and found a sign that said: 赵卫生室-中西医 (meaning: Dr. Zhao-Chinese and Western Medicine). I was excited because I thought that this was the Dr. Zhao Ryan found last year, but then I saw an old man with a head of white hair sitting on a bench in there. I was disappointed because I knew that Dr. Zhao didn't look like that. Then suddenly to my surprise, a man tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and guess who I saw.... It was Dr. Zhao!!!!

I finally found him after 1 and a half weeks of searching. He was very nice to us, and he offered us a bench to sit on. He even remembered Ryan from last year! I am so happy that I found him. I will return tomorrow or some time soon to talk to him. :D:D



Wow thats really cool that you found Dr. Zhao! What do you mean by "supposedly dead"?

Dr. Zhao

Hi Peyton, I would be curious as to what type of Western medicine he follows. Good luck on your continued work. Mr. Latzke PS. I really like your writing style.

Dr. Zhao

Hey! I love your post about Dr. Zhao! Finding a "supposedly dead" person must be a real surprise, but why did you want to find him? Were you looking for him for some guidance about your project with medicine? Also, why was Dr. Zhao a mysterious person? After reading your post, I also want to go to micro campus when I'm in 8th grade!

P.S. How's your project about medicine going on? It must be really great to find out so much new things about a topic that you are really interested in.

Hi I'm Peyton, and I was part of the B4 Microcampus group (March-April 2013). The Microcampus experience was really amazing and I was so glad that I was a part of the B4 Microcampus group. My Inquiry project wason Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please feel free to look at my blog posts anytime!