Today was a day of relaxation and fun. In the morning, we woke up at 9:00, then we did some work, and after lunch we went to Dali OldTown.

Dali OldTown is super fun. When we arrived, we separated into smaller groups and headed off. Alex, Nike, Cass, and I were together, and we decided to go to The Sweet Tooth. The Sweet Tooth is an amazing dessert/coffee shop with the best cakes I have ever tasted (which means they are indeed very good).

The first time I went there, I got a peanut butter cream pie. It was soo delicious that I started drooling just by looking at it through the glass fridge. Once the plate with the cake on was in front of me, I instantly gobbled it up, finishing it too fast before realizing that I should treasure the taste. Then I ordered, a chocolate cake. This chocolate cake was heavenly- bite after bite, all rich and creamy, just thinking about it makes me hungry. After the chocolate cake, I ate a chocolate mint layered cake. That cake was also very palatable. I also ate some of Vicky's carrot cheesecake. The carrot cheesecake was immensely delectable. I will most definetely go back there and eat more cake. I made a promise to myself saying that by the end of this trip, I will have eaten every single cake there is.

BAD MONKEY. Whoa. Bad Monkey is a restaurant/bar place. This place kind of looks a little dodgy, but they have delicious hamburgers. Nike, Cass, Alex, Sujin, Clara, Vicky, Ashley, and I went to Bad Monkey to eat dinner. We were considering to not go there, but then last years people recommended it. We all ordered hamburgers, I ordered a hamburger with beef, bacon, cheddar, and lettuce. It was scrumdillyumptious. Soon after we ordered, T and Ms. Mai came and he warned us to not follow any of the advice in the bathroom, and guess what we did? We instantly ran into the bathroom and looked at the walls. It wasn't that bad, there was just some weird and innapropriate stuff on there.

Anyways, I enjoy Dali OldTown a lot and I hope to return there some time.


You should go a second time

You should go a second time to "The Sweet Tooth" - what a funny name - and take pictures of every single cake, you ate. Back in Shanghai you and your friends could come over to Nike's house and we could make an installation "The Sweet Tooth", like the installations of Claes Oldenburg. Ask Nike!!!!! Try to get some wrapping paper of the shop,if there is a special one.

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