Day 17: Mr. Yang and Mr. Yang

Today I tried to pay another visit to the local mosque, but when I got there, the doors were locked, and I had to change my plans. Instead, I went to talk with Mr. Yang the antique shop owner, because I have talked to him before, and he has given me a lot of good information on Islam here. After about 15-20 minutes chatting, Ying Yang and I went back to Yang Zhuo Ran and I got together with my service learning group: Hannah and Natalie. We then went to go pay a visit to another Mr. Yang, the 94 year old retired lawyer. We brought him a copy of a group picture with him at his house that we took the last time we came, and we sat down to chat. Before we left, he gave us a stack of papers containing his handwritten synopsis of the history of Xizhou. All in all, today was a productive day, and I;m looking forward to hearing Natalie's translation of what he has written.

I'm 15 years old and I am really happy that I went to Xizhou. I was born in Mexico, and have lived in three other countries since then, including Shanghai. I chose to study the diverse religions here and I hoped to gain new understanding on my own faith, and what makes spirituality such an important part of people's lives. I looked forward to fumbling my way through conversations in Chinese and learning as much as I can over the weeks I was at Microcampus.