Day 17: Dish Duty

Today was my third dish duty day. Riko T. was my partner for breakfast but since she ate out for lunch, it was only me washing the dishes. I asked Shannon A. to help me instead. After we finished eating lunch, we went outside to talk. I looked at my phone 15 minutes later and realized that we only had 10 minutes to wash the dishes before WIPPIS time started. Walking into the kitchen, Shannon A. told me she had a very quick system that she used every time she washed the dishes. It goes like this; rinse, wash, rinse, dry. It may seem like your normal dish washing but, it was very efficient. That whole process took about 3 minutes. Once we had rinsed and washed all the dishes, we speed dried with the warm towels. That took us a total of 2 minutes. The next set up was for me to throw the dishes to Shannon A. while she would catch them and place them into the basket. This took us another 2 minutes. In total, it took us about 7 minutes to wash every single dish, cup, bowl, and chopstick set. I think the next time I wash the dishes I will for sure use this method again. 


how organized !

Dear Sydney,
I bet your parents will soon get rid off their dishwasher! Such organizational skills have to be commended!
I wish you a fantastic time there and I'm sure you are exploring every single opportunity
Mrs Ballon

My name is Sydney F. and I'm currently 12 years old. (Turning 13 after we come back from Microcampus!) I have been at SAS since the middle of 6th grade, so almost 2 years. Some of my interests include listening to music, playing all sports, reading books, and being with my friends and family. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different life styles and that is one of the reasons I joined this program. Microcampus was a great experience and I am glad I got to share it with the people I did. I look forward to coming back to Xizhou some day.