Day 17: Chilly Day

Over the past two weeks, the weather has been comfortingly warm the entire time. Even when it was raining - even in yesterday's thunderstorm, the temperature did not dip below 17°C. Why would it? There is little wind here to drive the warmth away and insulation from the nearby mountains. Yet today, we stepped back to temperatures of February, perhaps even January, after continuous rain all of last night, and we learned to appreciate our jackets and warm socks. Apart from the cold, this morning was pretty eventful, as we discussed the upcoming power shortage (which is why I am finishing this in the morning), and deadlines of our Inquiry Project and Service Learning.

Hi! I am Marco, a student of SAS from 2006 to 2017. I was part of the Tactical trip, which was in Xizhou during May 2017. My family comes from Hong Kong. I have two twin sisters who are two years older than me. One of them, Charlotte K, is a Microcampus alumni. I love to read, learn and take risks, all of which I have done plentifully in Microcampus. I have had so much fun in Xizhou, especially as I improved myself and realised so much about rural China. What I have learned in Xizhou is truly unforgettable and important to me.