Day 16: There's still nuts

Today I went out to lunch with the mindset that I will be eating 麻辣烫, however, you would be greatly surprised at what I ate instead. When I arrived at the restaurant, there was no 麻辣烫 at the time so I ordered a Gong Bao Chicken (宫保鸡丁) and some rice. The end result came out to be 50% chicken and 50% nuts. It should have been named Peanut Chicken because after I ate all of the chicken, I stuffed myself with peanuts and rice, not the best combination in the world. Afterward, I went to visit Mr.Li, who told me to visit him later at 4-5 o'clock, so we went to Mr.Yang instead. We ate some huckleberries and mini-bananas at his place, both of which were extremely sweet. But the third thing he gave us, was peanuts, something I have already gained nightmares from during lunch. To sum up my day, the only thing I gained was a fear of nuts.


My name is Sunny, and I was a part of the Voyagers group in microcampus.I'm a gamer, artist, and love building stuff! I chose to join the Microcampus program because I want to become more independent and learn the lesser known cultures of China. The trip was amazing and I hope to come to Xizhou again.