Day 16: I Have Read so Many Books

Today was quite a chill day for us, the somewhat big thing that happened today was mainly about us writing our wellness reflection. My week 2 wellness reflection was about me more being on the emotional wellness side, instead of me being on the physical wellness side because this week, it has been raining constantly and I did not have a chance to go outside. This gave me a chance to read books that I would not have had the time to read in Shanghai, some of the books that I read included: "Empire of Storms", "Queen of Shadows", "Court of Thorns and Roses". I am now currently reading the sequel to "Court of Thorns and Roses" which is "Court of Mist and Fury" I hope during the trip I can read more interesting books and also read books about Xizhou so we can learn more about it's culture. 


Wow, you read so many books

Wow, you read so many books in a day, how thick were they. :0 Where did you even get these books, did SAS bring a whole library to XiZhou or something?
All in all, it's really cool to see you do so much productive things that you would never (maybe) do in a weekend in Shanghai. Keep reading more and don't forget about the info as you have to explain what you learned from the books to use when you come back!!!!!!! :)


My name is Norman and I am 13 years old, I was in Xizhou for 28 days, this experience has taught me many things, I will forever treasure this experience, Microcampus will always have a special place in my heart.