Day 16: The Hike Back Home

The last thing that anybody in the group had expected was how short the hike back down the mountain would be. We were all expecting a 13 hour hike because of all the time it took us to get up here in the first place. The hike back was lead by  Evian, Maddie, and myself. The most memorial part of the trip was also one of the most dangerous parts of the trip. Before going on to the trip we were told stories about the many funny ways that the mules have acted. The only thing that we were not expecting was to experience these mule stories in real life. What had happened was that we were all walking in the track with the mulls a head of us. It was an hour after our lunch break. We were all happy until I spotted Mules, later noticing that those were our mules. They started to walk towards us until one of them hit the others and all three of them started to run. They weren't just running, they were running in our direction. We all quickly slipped to the side of the trail in a huge panic to survive the huge rampage of the mules. Once we were all safe and Mr.T had us all rest after the crazy fiasco, we were all happy that Mr.T told us about the Mules ahead of time so that we know what to if that situation occurred.


My name is Aniketh. I am a 12-year-old eight grade student from SASPD, and this is my second year living in Shanghai. I have one little brother named Abhinav who is currently going to 3rd grade. My first year of living in Shanghai has been very exciting, because I have been given many more opportunities to learn and improve my skills as a student and as a person. I have already learnt more about the Chinese culture and heritage. A little bit about myself, I am very interested in sports and in education. I play soccer, football, and street hockey. When it comes to education I am very interested in politics and what goes on around the world, therefore I am currently apart of MUN. I am also interested in Music, I play the violin in the Intermezzo orchestra. I am very happy to have gone to XiZhou and experience the Microcampus program. I hope that future Microcampus groups will enjoy this village just as much as we all did.