Day 16: Heavy Exploration

Today was really an important day for my Inquiry Project. As the knowledge that phase 3 would be due on Wednesday sunk in, we all sort of clicked that there was work to be done. After signing out with Fay, we walked along a small path, and she pointed out many messages that she found interesting, as well as gave me some insight on it and her personal opinions. After snapping a new few photos, we discussed possible ways the inquiry project would head. Eventually, we wandered to Mr. Yang's jade shop and asked about his opinions. The first thing he pointed out was some writing on the wall that dated back to 1964, 30th of January. It was astounding to see the words, so long ago, still clear and easy to read as if it were just written the day before. This made me think about why the other propaganda, new ones, weren't as well protected. Walking back, I discussed this with Fay. With Eirean, I stopped by the other Mr. Yang's place, the antique dealer. There he showed me other types of propaganda such as pins, bowls, cups, and posters. This got me thinking about the other types of propaganda, besides the ones written on walls. Overall, today really helped me find a path for my final project as well as the hooks and hangers. I hope that tomorrow will be as productive.

Hey, my name is Katherine. I was born in Michigan, USA, moved to Shanghai for around two years, and currently reside back in Michigan. I'm 13 years old, and I no longer attend SAS Pudong. My friends and I enjoy drawing, and just joking around. Hobbies and interest of mine include drawing and preparing for my future (haha). A goal of mine was to stabilize my drawing style based on learning and reflecting in Yunnan. Xizhou was such a beautiful place and rich with culture and colors. The people who lived there were genuinely interested to meet us, and often happily asked us for lunch or dinner with them. It's one thing to visit a place as a tourist, but it's completely different when you live in the area for a month and try to reach out towards everyone in the local community. The time I've spent in Xizhou not only helped me to think and know outside of the Shanghai bubble, but also exposed me to the wonders of nature. The three day hike was spent close to nature, and every night was a spectacular night show of stars never seen in Shanghai. The 28 days have ended much too quickly, and the experiences have changed the way I know and perceive life.