Day 16: Art Class

Since it was the weekend, we didn't do much. Gabbie offered to teach us some things about painting and acrylic paint. It was very chill and interesting to see how colors work together. It was also nice for Gabbie to show us some of her artwork she did. They are very colorul but so realistic. There is more color than it will have in real life but as Gabbie said, if you get the lighting correct, it will feel like it is real. I saw how colors can show up differently to the human eye on different background color paper. We saw that things can appear darker or lighter. Also I saw how many color you can make with just a reddish brown, blue, and white. She said that these three colors can give you a lot of different temperatures but also tones.

It was very interesting and we also saw hail when painting. We thought it was rain at first but figured out there were little crystalized things and it was ice. It was very interesting to see a bit of hail mixed with rain here.

My name is Annie Y. I am part of the Superior Microcampus group. As of March 4, 2017, I arrived in Xizhou. We stayed in Xizhou for 28 days. Those 28 days has been such a unforgettable experience. I got to connect with the people here. They were very nice and welcoming. The weather was really nice. There was pretty blue skies and puffy white clouds. I miss everything about Xizhou and the Microcampus experience.