Day 15: Top of the World

After a cold chilly night of sleeping with 4 guys on one big bed I wasn't exactly ready for another day of hiking but I didn't really have a choice. The original plan for Day 2 of hiking was to go to Xiao Hua Dian Ba which was 600 meters higher and stay there until the next morning but locals told us that there was lots of snow from the day before. So we had two options; either go up to Xiao Hua Dian Ba and come back down and camp in the courtyard or head back to Xizhou. I did not think either would be fun so I did not vote. The final decision was to hike up the mountain. The hike was not so difficult compared to yesterday but the view was amazing, Mark told us that we had just gone over 10,000 ft above sea level and we were not even halfway there. After about an hour of hiking we reached the top I was blown away, literally I fell to the ground the wind was extremely strong once again due to the Ventura effect. The view was just amazing, imagine being 3200 meters high and looking all the way down from the very highest peek of a mountain. After going to the top I went back down started making cheesy hiker poses for Clara who was taking pictues which was fun. Behind us is what Alex calls the "African Moon" because the surface is very much like the moon also, according to Alex it also smells like Africa. After a while of fooling around the "African Moon" and the top of the mountain we headed back down to the farm house where we were told we could camp out in the wilderness. Then 8 people went to go set up tents while the rest of us waited for dinner. After dinner we headed up the mountain in the dark which was actually really fun. Also the moon was so clear and was shinning so bright that we could see our shadows at night! After we got there we all settled in and went straight to bed. 

Hey, I'm Armin. I'm 13 years old, I like playing basketball, swimming and running, also I love pretty much any kind of food. I am lucky enough to be on the B4 Microcampus trip. I have spent most of my life in Shanghai and at the American School, so I don't exactly know what it feels like to actually live in China. Now that I am finally here I'm exicted to learn more about my Inquiry Project and just learning about what its like to live in Xizhou.