Day 15: Slam Dunk

I was walking down the steps, slowly, one step at a time. I was carrying a heavy hiking backpack, and a daypack full of water bottles. I was walking and then almost as I reached the bottom, a tripped on a loos step, I thought I had caught myself, so I took another step. I lot my balance, and my legs colapsed underneath me, and I fell. I felt as though it was happening in slow motion. I couldn't stop myself, no matter how hard I tried. My knee slammed into the side of a stone rubbish bin. A sharp pain shooting up my leg, I thought that my knee had shattered. Then I lost balance once again, to catch myself, I tried to put muhand down but I ended up falling into the trash can. Then my side jammed into the opposite part of the bin. The heart rate monitor digging into my upper ribs. I let out a cry of pain. I screamed, and I heard footsteps ruñ towards me, and I didnt bother to look up. The backpack was weighing me down so I could not get up. Mr T came to help me up as I let out another scream. He pulled up my pant leg, and it reaveald a bloody knee. He pulled out some achohol wipes which only made it worse. It was an aching pain. I did not even realize that my stomach was bleeding until I got back to Yangzhuoran. Mr T told me that I could not go hiking, and to me that seemed like a great idea. As I could not walk. After he fixed me up, I limped over to the place where we were going to have breakfast. 

After breakfat, I waited with Yeling. She stayed with me then went to buy some tickets so that we could make our way down the mountain. After about an hour of waiting, we finaly made our way over to the cars. We had everything and we stood infront of the cars and one swept us off our feet. We got on and then made our way down. It was really beautiful. I loved it. We reached the bottom, and waited abotu 15 minutes and there was Ms Mai, Noam, and Bryce waiting for us. 




Now that's a slam dunk!!!

Wow Hannah...what an adventure! I hope you're not too disappointed in missing the last night of camping....I like how positive you have been Hannah. Don't regret anything you do on this trip, even if you hurt yourself, as you will remember these experiences for the rest of your life, and come out stronger and smarter. Get those body parts as healthy as possible and don't let anything get in the way of that magical adventure you're having down there!!!

Lots of love

Your proud dad!

half way

Wow, past the half way mark, just like that! With many many highs, and a couple of lows. I hope you can always have a balance like that in life, without the lows, you can't always appreciate the highs.

Love you, Mum


The mountain and the slam dunk

What a terrific description you gave of your nasty fall. Sounds like a story from a book. Great staying power you have to be able to get on with the trip back. I'm really loving your journal entries and look forward to hearing your news. I'm sorry you missed the final night but gosh what a story to recall later to your friends. War wounds as we call them make for fabulous stories throughout the years. Keep on having adventures. Love the outdoors and enjoy the rest of your trip. You're a winner in my eyes.
Love you,
Nanna Gay xx

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