Day 15: Day 2 of the Hike

Today was a better day. It was sunnier, shorter and i had music to distract myself. We were planning on camping at Xiao Hua Dian Ba but we couldn't go with that plan since it was short of snowy and the weather didn't seem that good for camping outside. After that we were given two options. To go to Xiao Hua Dian Ba and camp in the courtyard of the inn we were staying in the previous day or to head back to Xizhou. With voting about five times, we decided to go to Xiao Hua Dian Ba and come back to camp. So we left our sleeping bags at the place we were staying and left for Xiao Hua Dian Ba. I have to say, today was the day where I did not regret bringing my camera as I got some really nice and funny photos (funny photos of Armin to be more exact :P). After that Mr. T said that the whether was good so we were able to camp outside in a valley of some sort. We were really excited since a valley is much better than some courtyard of a house. At night, we could also experience a 10/10 star night which was just amazing to look at. My only wish was that I hoped it wouldn't be cold when sleeping. 

Hey I'm Clara. I'm an 8th Grader in Shanghai American School Puxi. I am Korean though I've lived in Korea for four years, the US for two, Singapore for six and Shanghai for about a year and a half. I love challenges and trying new things. I so excited about being in Xizhou.