Day 15: 3232

Today, we finally reached the peak of 3232. Although we left most of our stuff about 25 - 50 metres below and we had to climb up, we stayed up there for a good 15 minutes just watching the surroundings around us. Going up to the area around 3232 was not as challenging as I thought. It was definitely more relaxing than the day before and as we were walking up, it was nice to look past the trees and see how much we had walked. Being at the 3232 was really magnificent though. Once I got to the top (with help of my walking stick, of course) I sat down on a rock, took out my comfort food and just looked. It felt so good and I felt really accomplished by the fact that I had climbed about 1232 metres in elevation with my legs in about 10 hours. 

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. We had about four hours of rest time and during that time we pitched our tents and some people joined me in watching others skip rocks along the river. Overall, it was a very accomplishing yet tiring day and I know that this is one of those chances in a lifetime. How many people actually get to climb up at this age? This high? 

Hi guys! My name is Yun Kei. I am Singaporean and have lived in Taipei, Paris and now currently Shanghai. I am part of a family of four and my little brother is in fifth grade. Microcampus and XiZhou have made a big impact on me and I miss it very much. I miss the blue skies, the ability to talk to locals, the food and pretty much everything about it. I have made many friends and memories here and I am glad that I came.