Day 14: Ice during May

It's already halfway through the trip :( Before I know it the trip will be over...nooooo!!! ;(

Today is the first day of the 3 day hike. We have no service here so my mom kind of freaked out yesterday. Anyway, in the beginning of the hike, I thought it was really tiring and was glad to take a break. But then once we got toward the middle, I actually thourght the beginning wasn't that hard. You know why? Hailstorm attack! First hailstorm I experienced in my whole life. It was realy scary because who thought it would hail during May? Well then the storm became really strong and unlucky for me, I was wearing jeans not rain pants so my jeans were soaked!! It was really bizarre but after we finally made out if the hailstorm, we were greeeted by blue skies and the warm sun. We hiked for another 2 hours and I felt sore all over. Once we arrived at guesthouse everyone changed I to a warm dry clothes and we had dinner there. We decided to camp and not livein the gues house so we hiked about 30 minutes more up a really steep zigzaggy place and found our camping spot. I'm tenting with ivy today. So it was pretty hard and tiring and hopeuflly I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow...^.^ 2 more days to go!


Hi! I'm Erin and I have been apart of the Microcampus experience and I am thankful for the chance I got. The experience changed the way I look at my life and I have no single regret about this trip. I thank everyone who made this Microcampus trip a memorable and fantastic experience to be apart of. Thank you guys, I love you all :)