Day 14: First Day of the Hike

The first day of the hike didn't start of as I had really expected. I had thought that everybody would be sleepy, tired and not willing to go on the hike. Surprisingly everybody, including me, were all very excited to go on the hike. We started off with a very healthy breakfast in order to get enough energy to go on the hike. We then took a bus ride to the foot of the mountain with all of our bags packed and ready for a 3 day hike. The hike started with a front group and then a second group following along with a 5 meter distance between each group. It is said by Mr. Tafel that all of the groups started to complain around the second switch back. We on the other hand held on to our complaints till the 8 switch back. After a very long 2 hours of hiking we were all ready to head back home to our nice beds. sadly we were only finished with 2 out of 36 hours of our overall the 6 hour we all started to doubt our excitement for the hike, and our ability to keep moving on. Once we were through with all of the up hill it was time for the most boring part of the adventure, the flat ground. We spent 2 hours on the flat ground attempting to guess which farm house it is that we will be having our dinner in. Once we were there, 14 members of the groups went to go set up the tents and the rest stayed back at the house to help with dinner. Once the tent builders were back and dinner was over we all thanked the people at the farm house and headed out to our tents for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we will summit point 3232. 3232 stands for 3,232 meters above sea level.


My name is Aniketh. I am a 12-year-old eight grade student from SASPD, and this is my second year living in Shanghai. I have one little brother named Abhinav who is currently going to 3rd grade. My first year of living in Shanghai has been very exciting, because I have been given many more opportunities to learn and improve my skills as a student and as a person. I have already learnt more about the Chinese culture and heritage. A little bit about myself, I am very interested in sports and in education. I play soccer, football, and street hockey. When it comes to education I am very interested in politics and what goes on around the world, therefore I am currently apart of MUN. I am also interested in Music, I play the violin in the Intermezzo orchestra. I am very happy to have gone to XiZhou and experience the Microcampus program. I hope that future Microcampus groups will enjoy this village just as much as we all did.