Day 14: First Day of the Hike

Today was our first day of the hike. After breakfast, we packed our lunches and made our final preparations for the hike. We took a bus to a parking lot by the Three Pagodas and began our trek. T previously said that the hike would be 7-10 times harder than we imagined it to be, but it really wasn't that hard at all. After a five-or-six hour hike, we finally arrived at the Zhonghe Temple, adjacent to where we pitched our tents today. My shoulders and feet are really sore, but I should be ready for another big day tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

I am fourteen years old and I was born in Mountain View, California but have since then moved to Shanghai in fourth grade. Xizhou was an awesome place to discover more about myself and the "real" China. I still miss the clean air, delicious food, and friendly people of Xizhou. All active and future Microcampus students can feel free to ask me for advice!