Day 14: Alpenliebe

Their we were.  Backpacks as big as us on our backs ready to climb, water bottles filled, and the unbreakable determination that no matter what we were going to get to Hua Dian Ba. All of us were a little nervous about the hike. Some people had never even been hiking before. To me hiking isn't about physical (well...a little bit), but more about your mental determination. So, we started  up the mountain. We huffed and puffed through the windy roads, traveled through the forest (almost all uphill), and pushed through the wind. We were almost unstoppable! We had some tough weather against us. As we were climbing up a rocky road it started to sleet. We all huddled together under some bushes to keep warm and keep our clothes dry. After that cleared up, we continued to push through. We came over the top of the hill and saw the gorgeous valley surrounded by mountains. Again, we continued until more weather came our way. A thunderstorm! Mr.T said he would yell out take cover just in case if it did come our way. It did! He said take cover, for safety precautions. The yaks didn't even move, but we all dived in to a ditch. All of us thought we were going to be struck by lightning when really we weren't. All I could see was Ashley's eye peaking through the her hair and the dirt. Another moment when we all felt close. The storm passed by quickly. Our determination was beginning to fade. The valley looked endless and the houses looked so far away. Xiao Tang checked out each house (their was about 3) to see if it was the place we woul be stopping. After a couple of times of saying,"this is it!" and then it not being it made us just assume that none of the houses were it. But we found it! I was overcome with joy. Simple things soon became cherished to me. The house was composed of little rooms for travelers and a separate little barn for mules. After a long day, we put on every single piece of dry clothing on our bodies and retired to the fire. We were all happy to finally have arrived. Oh and yes, on last thing. My blog post has a story to it. When we were all tired and needed a rest, Xiao Tang pulled out a bag of lollipops called Alpenliebe. Funny thing is that it translates from German into English as mountain love. From then on Mr.T sang about our love for the mountains. That one little lollipop gave this trip a name and got us through that time when all of us were too tired to even stand up again. Thanks guys and Alpenliebe! I knew we could do it.


I have to agree with you that

I have to agree with you that attitude and determination are so very important to successful hiking. You are out there and there is really no quitting. Guess you can turn around but sometimes that is just as long as going on, especially when the elements are testing you. I imagine how you must have felt when the cold sleet came and then trying to get warm after finding shelter. You did it and lollipops have a whole new meaning!

Hey guys, I'm Alex! I lived in Washington D.C, US for 11 years and have lived in Shanghai for almost 3 years now. I love to travel, eat, and learn about new things! I am here at Xizhou and loving it. The highlights are the kind people, the blue skies and starry nights, delicious food, and the outdoors. So far, thumbs up! It feels like it is going by too fast