Day 13: The Visit to Wu Li Qiao

Today I went to Wu Li Qiao for the second time, but this time with Yin Yang acting as my translator. Mr. T had gone into town to run some errands, so it was just me and Yin Yang at the mosque. After the prayer service, we sat down and had a nice long chat with Mr. Ali about his religion. He answered a lot of questions I had about certain customs and the significance of certain actions during prayer. When I got back to Yang Zhuo Ran I had amassed a good solid block of information to put in my Phase 3, and Mr. Tafel had a good talk with me about the direction I would like my final project to go in. I finished the day feeling really good about the progress I've made with my Inquiry Project, and the road ahead has gotten a lot clearer.

I'm 15 years old and I am really happy that I went to Xizhou. I was born in Mexico, and have lived in three other countries since then, including Shanghai. I chose to study the diverse religions here and I hoped to gain new understanding on my own faith, and what makes spirituality such an important part of people's lives. I looked forward to fumbling my way through conversations in Chinese and learning as much as I can over the weeks I was at Microcampus.