Day 13: A UDHR Connection

Xizhou is a place overfilling with culture and tradition, and this is clearly shown and expressed during the New Years, in which we were present. The events are all held in the square, Sifangjie, or a very public and open place. The people are very open to all, and welcome everyone even if they aren't local. It is very common for a group of tourists, foreigners, or students to join in the festivities. Oftentimes, these events are advertised in public places in forms of posters or wall propaganda which increases the amount of people. People in Xizhou are advancing in technology, but still keeping traditional methods. For example, there are certainly many more motorbikes and cars around, but it isn't uncommon to see a horse-cart clopping around the road with some tourist passengers. There are also many other examples of technological development. With the case of less rainfall, a water system had to be implemented. Aqueducts to transport water up and down the mountain were used, and shared by all in order to get enough water. Xizhou is a place were culture blooms, and traditions are kept, yet whatever technological advancement shown to Xizou is shared by all who chose to use it.


Entry 2: 

  • Entry 1 – At the end of the first week respond to how you have seen the community support this article from the UDHR.
    • Article 27: Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.


Great cultural connections

Hey Katherine! Thank you for your post using the UDHR as a lens with which to observe cultural life there in Xizhou. I'm happy to read that they are still valuing their traditional way(s) of life there, yet taking advantage of those technologies that may make their lives easier and hopefully more enjoyable as well. I really appreciate the imagery you use in your posts, and your seemingly unconscious creative expression and use of the senses. I can hear those horse-carts 'clopping around' and envision a group of visitors such as yourselves joining in on a cultural festival in Sifangjie! Keep up the good work. - Mr. Casey :)

Hey, my name is Katherine. I was born in Michigan, USA, moved to Shanghai for around two years, and currently reside back in Michigan. I'm 13 years old, and I no longer attend SAS Pudong. My friends and I enjoy drawing, and just joking around. Hobbies and interest of mine include drawing and preparing for my future (haha). A goal of mine was to stabilize my drawing style based on learning and reflecting in Yunnan. Xizhou was such a beautiful place and rich with culture and colors. The people who lived there were genuinely interested to meet us, and often happily asked us for lunch or dinner with them. It's one thing to visit a place as a tourist, but it's completely different when you live in the area for a month and try to reach out towards everyone in the local community. The time I've spent in Xizhou not only helped me to think and know outside of the Shanghai bubble, but also exposed me to the wonders of nature. The three day hike was spent close to nature, and every night was a spectacular night show of stars never seen in Shanghai. The 28 days have ended much too quickly, and the experiences have changed the way I know and perceive life.