Day 13: My Perfect Communication Device


Is what my phone loudly broadcasts each time I receive a call. 

It does not stop there.

It is even better when my phone receives a message. DING! 

Goes my phone in the middle of a daily meeting. Calling my parents on my phone is a big pain too, especially since I have to stand in the closet in my room and wrap my phone in a thick sock so that it is not too loud. But of course, my phone being my phone, it will continue to blast out every single word my parents say despite the effort I have made to decrease the loud volume of my phone. It is even better when my dog starts barking in the background.

It is a whole party in my closet!


I was born in Canada and my family is from China. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, playing with my dog, talking with my friends, and learning new things. I have been to two previous schools prior to coming to SAS in cold Canada and sunny California. The month that I spent at Microcampus has been really memorable and an experience that I will never forget in my life. I am yet to return to Xizhou to see the community, scenery, and taste the food again!