Day 12: Winter in Xizhou

Today was an abnormal day, and by abnormal, I meant very, very different from the usual Xizhou. This day in Xizhou was very very cold, after eating breakfast, I went up to classroom 2 and I immediately felt like I was freezing, and not to my surprise, so did all my friends. After the daily meeting, which Mr. T told us that the weather in Xizhou was really cold, I went down into my room and grabbed my wind jacket to put over my normal jacket, my bandanna, my woolen beanie, and at last my ski gloves. The second that I wore them, I instantly felt much warmer and much more comfortable. My guess is that with the weather like this in Xizhou, I might need to keep wearing these clothes just to keep warm.

My name is Norman and I am 13 years old, I was in Xizhou for 28 days, this experience has taught me many things, I will forever treasure this experience, Microcampus will always have a special place in my heart.