Day 12: Same Old Same New

Today was interesting. We had a regular day... NOT! We had a regular day up until WIPPIS time. We got to either go to a wind energy farm, or a tie dye factory. I went to the tiedye factory with all the girls. And yes, Diego came too. We got to go there, take a bit of a tour, learn about tie dye, how it works, but also, we got to learn how to do it! We chose our patterns, and set to work. 

The first step was sewing, lots and lost of it. Luckily, there were little dots to follow, so we would know what we had to do. I started out pretty slow. Moving everything around, trying to get my YinYang cirle right. Then one of the workers came over and showed me how she does it. So fast, like she has been doing it her whole life! (Which she has actually) Her fingers weaved through the cloth, and pulled it, then again and again. It was so fluid, I loved watching her. But then she passed it back to me, and it was my turn. I tried to be as amazing as her but I kept poking my fingers, and making the wrong stich. After a while, I got the hang of it. Kind of. I got faster, and I finished stitching in no time.

An old woman helped me with the tying part of the process. She took it from me and wrapped, and wrapped, and wrapped. It was really fun to watch. During the sewing, we were all chatting it up like 9 old british women at a tea party. Once everyone was done tying, we put them in a big bucket of dye. We took them out and now they look amazing!


Hi Hannah 

Hi Hannah 

thinking about you and your adventures that you are having ...... all looks like great fun - remember to make the most of each and every moment and of course be nice, kind and lovely!!!!

We are looking forward to sharing NYE with you and Bryony Hunter and Alby all send you their love.




Sewing and tie dyeing

Wow Hannah, way to go. Just like me about 50 years ago, only mine was just in high school. Fancy having such a powerful experience learning from experts. Lucky girl. Carry on enjoying learning the old ways. I'm so proud of you.l
Love you,
Nanna Gay xx


Hi Han,
Is that a picture of the tie dye you and your friends made?
Gorgeous fabrics! Gorgeous photo!
Go Hannah Go!

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