Day 12: Biking to Erhai

During my wellness time, VincentKayla and I biked for around 50 minutes to an hour; we biked all the way to Erhai. The scenery was beautiful and it was something I would never see in Shanghai. The sky was blue, no clouds visible. The water lapping over each other as they get pushed over the already molded rocks. I could smell the fresh air as it gets inhaled through my nose and out through my mouth. As we started to tread back to Yang Zhou Ran, I could feel the wind going though my hair, the air/ gravity pushing against my face as I biked down the long freeway. 

The feeling of being able to bike down a long road without any cars insight will definitely be one of the main factors I will miss about Xizhou. Adding on, I will also miss the fresh air and the clear blue skies. 

My name is Isabelle S. and I am 13 years old. I was born and raised for several years in the US, San Francisco, but moved to Shanghai, China when I was around 4. My father is from Paris, France (born and raised) stating I have blood from Europe; also, I have a French passport. Therefor, I am not only American and Chinese, but I am also French. Before I came to SAS, I went to local school, stating I have a pretty strong basis in Chinese. Anyhow, I am currently here in Xizhou enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful blue sky. The topic I am studying is the end of life rituals (past and present traditions, tombstone carving, and casket making). From the people I have met, I can agree that everyone here are friendly and extremely welcoming. I am still extremely excited about what I may encounter, witness or experience throughout the rest of this trip.