Day 11: A Trip To Wu Li Qiao

Today Mr. Tafel took Alisa and I to Dali Old Town, where each of us had something to see for our inquiry projects. I went to go see the biggest mosque in Dali, called Wu Li Qiao, and Alisa went to go see all the wood carvers, most of which have conviniently set up shop on the same street. At Wu Li Qiao, we watched a prayers service that was identical to what I'd seen at Wu Qing Zhen Si, although the mosque was filled with adolescent students clad in white robes instead of a bunch of old men. After the prayer service, Mr. Tafel translated for a conversation I had with one of the teachers there, called Mr. Ali. I learned a lot of new things on my topic today, and I am planning to go back to this mosque on thursday again. 

I'm 15 years old and I am really happy that I went to Xizhou. I was born in Mexico, and have lived in three other countries since then, including Shanghai. I chose to study the diverse religions here and I hoped to gain new understanding on my own faith, and what makes spirituality such an important part of people's lives. I looked forward to fumbling my way through conversations in Chinese and learning as much as I can over the weeks I was at Microcampus.