Day 11: Shopping for Costumes

Today is trivia night! Every team needs to come up with a name and a costume to wear during the quiz. My teammates are Noam B, Sara L and Kristen F.

I went shopping for masks we should wear. I found two masks that fit perfectly with our team name. I had to bargain with the lady for them, in the beginning she wanted 50 Yuan for both but I managed to lower the price to 35 Yuan for both. We planned on having two people wearing the masks and two people having other props. 

I am very interested in what the trivia is going to be about. I hope that the questions are not going to be about math or science. I do not really want it to be about math because I am not very fast at calculating things and it is not my favorite subject. I like science but I know many other kids that know much more about science than I do. I am hoping that it will be something about sports because that is a topic I know quite a lot about. 


My name is Max. I was born in Hong Kong and have lived there for 7 years before moving to Shanghai. I enjoy playing sports like track and field and tennis. I am really enjoying Xizhou so far, the weather is great and the facilities are really nice. Microcampus has been a great experience and I will miss it very much.