Day 10: The Sounds of Xizhou

I get to talk about sound around the village today.  Yay.  Since I have a specific task today, my journal probably isn't going to 'flow' very well today.  Here we go.  As I sat next to the Er Hai Lake, I heard the small waves lapping up against the rocks.  Then as I walked down the worn path, I heard the crunching of footsteps against the gravel while the birds sang in the near distance, if that phrase makes any sense.  Along with the birds, the wind could be heard whistling through the trees and into your ear.  There was also the sound of stones clinking against each other as the girl, not saying any names, tossed them around in her hand.  Away from the peacefulness of the lake, you can hear teenage girls singing, and many others having loud conversations with each other.  There is also the occasional sound of a playing card whizzing through the air due to a person having thrown it at another.  In response to the yelling of the students, there was the sigh that meant someone was annoyed with the constant chatter while (s)he tried to do her work.  Yet, although no one knows it, the person who sighed in response actually is not to terribly annoyed with the chatter, but is with the noise of toys crashing into walls.


I used to be a little girl who lived in a little city, which I wouldn't even really count as a city. Then, everything changed when I moved to Shanghai when I was 11. Something that really changed is that I enjoyed the fresh, clean air in Xizhou for a month, rather than the dirty, polluted air of Shanghai. I was in the Microcampus Extreme Team group that went to Xizhou from November 2013-December 2013. I really enjoyed my stay in Xizhou, while making constant trips to Zhoucheng for inquiry work, which was xxx-xxx. You see, I would tell you what my project was, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise if you didn't know. OK, fine. I was studying tie-dye. Back on topic, Xizhou was amazing, and I loved every aspect of the village.